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Baseline Documentation Reports

These are supporting documents for conservation easement implementation. They identify the qualities of a property that an easement intends to protect and those that justify public benefit. It also provides a foundation on which to compare those qualities in the future through easement monitoring.


We have authored or coauthored +100 baseline documentation reports to date in seven western states. Please give us a call if you are looking for a contractor with first-hand baseline development experience and an understanding of Land Trust Alliance Standards, easement implementation timelines, and monitoring demands.

Each report is tailored to meet your specifications. Common components include a general inventory of the natural features, developments, current and historical land use, water rights, maps, photo points, and photos. 

Conservation Easement Annual Monitoring

Conservation easements are monitored on an annual basis for changes to the qualities specified in the easement and described in the baseline inventory report. Monitoring visits are completed to meet the legal and/or financial responsibilities of the easement holder and keep lines of communication open with land owners.

Easement monitoring typically includes an annual on-the-ground evaluation and short interview with the landowners. The work requires complex coordination for travel, access, and interviews. The results from the visit are then entered into a standard monitoring report, along with photos, and property maps showing the travel route and photo locations.

We annually monitor approximately 250 easement properties across 15 states. Approximately 100 of those easements have been monitored by us for 10 years, providing consistency for landowners and improved accuracy in reporting.  

If you are looking for a professional easement monitor to evaluate compliance and build landowner relations, please let us know.  We would be glad to work with you to identify a plan that fits your budget and objectives. 

Wildlife Monitoring


We have been involved in a wide variety of wildlife monitoring over the years, including small mammal surveys in invasive species treatment areas, nest searches, eagle nest surveys by land and air, raptor migration surveys, sage-grouse nest surveys, etc. 

If you have a wildlife monitoring project, chances are we can complete it for you on time and under budget. Just let us know the parameters of the project and we will work with you through the details.  

Rangeland Monitoring and Botanical Inventory

We have assisted several large ranches in northwest Wyoming over the last five years to help them complete their rangeland monitoring obligations for the NRCS Sage-Grouse Initiative. We are versed in a wide variety of botanical survey techniques down to the species level. If you have a botanical inventory or monitoring project, chances are we can do it. 

In the arid west, time is often limited for completing botanical surveys. Please schedule your projects with us as soon as possible in the year.  Invasive species monitoring is also highly seasonal, depending on the species. The quicker we identify areas to be treated, the greater the chances that we can schedule it.

Land Management Plans for Invasive Species, Grassland Restoration or Grazing

We have an extensive background in prairie restoration and prairie management. Land management plans can be general or directed toward a specific need, such as restoration, invasive species control and livestock grazing. Prices will very depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Professional Photography and GIS Mapping

We have the tools, experience and expertise to complete professional photography and mapping projects, We can assist with materials for conservation related reports, grants or presentations. The tools we use include professional SLR cameras with GPS capabilities, high quality lenses and flexible photo stamping software. If desired, each photo will be georeferenced and attractively stamped with date, location information or any other desired text. For examples of our work and photos for purchase, click on the icon for our storefront. 

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