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Baseline Documentation Reports​

Land Steward Services has completed approximately 100 baseline documentation reports across several states, in forests, rangeland, wetland, and farmland. We draw on our past experience with easement implementation, as well as ongoing experience with conservation easement annual monitoring and internal easement paperwork audits. We understand the easement implementation process from start to finish and we understand our responsibilities for completing this important part of easement due diligence. 


Each report is tailored to meet your specifications and template. If you do not have a template, we can easily help you make one. Common components include a general inventory of the natural features, developments, current and historical land use, water rights, maps, georeferenced photo points, and photos. We focus on LTA/IRS standards and the needs for future easement monitoring. After all, that is what it's all about. We aim to write baselines that are appropriately comprehensive and user-friendly. 

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