Land Steward Services was initiated in 2009. Our office is located in Cody, WY with an active working range throughout the Rocky Mountain West. The goal of our business is to help landowners and land trusts maintain and enhance the biological complexities of land. We believe those complexities are what makes land economically and ecologically sustainable and productive. 

Jarren Kuipers MS
Owner/Wildlife Biologist

Welcome to L​​​​​​​and Steward Services!  I co-own this business with my wife Tara Kuipers. Tara and I have a shared history of growing up on ranches in rural South Dakota. It was during that time that we started to develop our land ethics and appreciation for the people that make land steward happen. 

​My professional experience is drawn from a diversity of positions I've held with the University of Wyoming and two regional land trusts. My areas of experience and specialty include:

  • Private Lands Habitat Planning

  • Flora and Fauna Inventory and Monitoring

  • ​Sage-Grouse and Rangeland Research​
  • Conservation Easement Implementation and Monitoring
  • Conservation Coalition Development

  • Aerial Mapping - Drone Operation

I'm also active in professional societies and served as president of the Nebraska Wildlife Society in 2007. In 2011 I achieved Wildlife Biologist certification from the National Wildlife Society. I also currently serve on the board for Meadowlark Audubon in Park County, WY. ​

I have an undergraduate degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University and a master's degree from the University of Wyoming in Zoology. 

MS Thesis and Joint Publications:

Grazing system and linear corridor influences on greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) habitat selectivity and productivity.

Greater sage-grouse nesting habitat selection and success in Wyoming.

Early brood-rearing habitat use and productivity of greater sage-grouse in Wyoming.

Tara Kuipers MS/MA
Owner/Certified Facilitator

My husband and I own Land Steward Services, LLC. Throughout my career I have also worked in several professional roles serving the nonprofit, community and education sectors. I have a master's degree in education and counseling and am completing my doctorate degree in adult education. In addition, I hold numerous professional certifications in facilitation, mediation, public participation, change management and organizational development.
As a trained and experienced public facilitator and organizational planner, I assist through the business as opportunities arise, particularly by facilitating ranch succession planning, land trust board development and natural resource related public meetings. More information regarding the services I provide can be found at:  www.tarakuipersconsulting.com